Sunday, 2 July 2017

Week 9 science journal

This week we were looking at three different things.

For the slingshot rockets, we think that it works better with two rubber bands because it gives the slingshot more power and strength to make it go higher.  We think when you flick your wrist forward when you let the rubber band go it  goes further. Our inferencing is good because we have lots of ideas  and we will predict how far it will go.

Next we did flipping frogs.  Anika and I won the highest jumping frog because we used a really small rubber band and made it stretch far so it could jump so high. When we won we couldn't enter the best looking one but we still coloured it in.

Last we did the Angle launcher we found out that the best degree to have the angle angle launcher was 45° - it fired 99cm. We had to push the little ball down in the launcher with a black stick.

Overall I think the best was the flipping frog because we enjoyed it the most.

Week 1 science journal

22.5.17              Science journal
At the start of this term all of the classes made slime for Mr Anderson. It looked like runny snot coming out of your nose. I could easily tell that it had water in it because it was so runny. The learning was who could make the best slime, I thought the best slime was the thick one because it didn't stay in the bucket it just came right out. The thick ones took like a minute to come out. The forces we used were push and pull. When Mr Anderson got slimed we tipped it upside down so it could come out faster. The other classes they just tipped it a little bit and there's came out slower. I am at multistructural for inferring and gathering and interpret data because I have many ideas.

Week 2 science journal

Rocket balloon
                                                 Week .2.
This term we did a rocket balloon and I found it interesting because we didn't really know what and how to do it and it actually went quite far. The learning we did was if the string would be thicker it would go further. If you push it will probably go a bit further and if you don't push it won't go as far. When we pushed it, the wind helped it go further because it was really windy so it helped. I am at multistructural for inferring and gathering data because I have many ideas.

Week 3 science journal

Rocket balloon
This term we did a rocket balloon with a fishing wire. It looked like the string was invisible because I couldn't see it when the balloon was going. The learning was how far it will go. I think with thinner string it would go further because there will be less friction. The forces we used were push and pull. I think the fishing wire helped it go further because it was a bit slipperier than the wool because the wool had bits of wool coming out from it. I am at multistructural for inferring and gathering data because I have many ideas.

Week 4 science journal

This term we used the trebuchet. When you put more weights in it would go further and if you put less weights in it wouldn't go as far. The one that had more weights in went further. At first I wondered that the one with less weights would go further because it's less in it and it would easily just flick. I also wondered why the hockey ball didn't go as far as the tennis ball? Maybe because it's heavier and the tennis ball was lighter. The forces we used were push and pull. I am at multi-structural for inferring and gathering data because I have many ideas.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Onager and Trebuchet

These are some of the differences that we saw while we were watching the onager and trebuchet. The onager’s projectile goes faster than the trebuchet, but lower. The onager has more velocity than the trebuchet. The onager is smaller than the trebuchet so it has a less chance of going further than the trebuchet.

The trebuchet’s projectile goes higher then the onager’s and has not as much velocity. It goes fast all the way except for the very end when it stops. The trebuchet is bigger than the onager so it has a more chance of going further.

While we were watching the onager and the Trebuchet these are the similarities we came up with. They both go in the air and they both get slingshotted and they both get pulled by string triggers.

We wonder if the trebuchet and the onager were used in the olden days to fire weapons at their enemies. I wonder if they were made out of metal would they throw further than they already do?

Overall we think that Trebuchet goes further which is good for firing longer distance and the onager is good to fire at walls.

Monday, 10 April 2017

Inquiry reflection

Inquiry Reflection

In He Tangata this term we have been focusing on being a responsible citizen. Anika, Neve and I have decided to do are inquiry project on a sandwich board for Mr Anderson to wear. Mr Anderson wanted a sandwich board to advertise events and notices.

I think I am working at multistructural because when my group needs help, I go and help them and when they need something like a glue stick I will go fetch that.

My next steps to be working at relational is to know when and how to use different strategies, and know what it's for. I will also need to seek additional feedback from others like friends and teachers.

I am proud of what we have done so far and I am feeling good about what we have achieved. We have had some ups and downs such as who was going to bring the sandwich board, and who will pick up the straps, however we worked together to solve these. We are nearly finished our project and it is looking good.