Monday, 10 April 2017

Inquiry reflection

Inquiry Reflection

In He Tangata this term we have been focusing on being a responsible citizen. Anika, Neve and I have decided to do are inquiry project on a sandwich board for Mr Anderson to wear. Mr Anderson wanted a sandwich board to advertise events and notices.

I think I am working at multistructural because when my group needs help, I go and help them and when they need something like a glue stick I will go fetch that.

My next steps to be working at relational is to know when and how to use different strategies, and know what it's for. I will also need to seek additional feedback from others like friends and teachers.

I am proud of what we have done so far and I am feeling good about what we have achieved. We have had some ups and downs such as who was going to bring the sandwich board, and who will pick up the straps, however we worked together to solve these. We are nearly finished our project and it is looking good.

Responsible citizen

Responsible citizen          
A responsible citizen is someone who it nice to others.
If you aren't nice to people and you be mean, you will make them cry and make them feel bad. Lily - grace is a good example of a good citizen because whenever I see her she is always helping people and wanting to help.

Be a role model
If you do something wrong and don't follow the rules, little and big people will copy you and it will turn out badly.  For example Zoe will do the right thing by saying “don't run around corners because charlotte has weak bones and they can easily break”. By explaining to other students why it is important, they are more likely to stop doing it.

Speak up for others
If someone is in a fight and they're getting hurt, you go and stop it. Anika will make them feel better, by standing up for them and giving them a bear hug and offering them to play with her.

Include others
If some people play a game and don't let you join in, then you stick up for them. An example of this is Rachael who will include others by talking to them and say “let them play”. If they don't, she will say “come on, let's go you can play with me”.

Sunday, 26 March 2017


Winter hockey

It's Saturday morning and I'm so excited for hockey. I put on my uniform get a drink bottle and then say goodbye. When I get there I start to warm up. My coach says ‘ten more minutes till game’. We hear the referee's say to each other ‘ok times up’ so we all walk over proud and confident. One of the referees passed me the ball and say ‘when you're ready’ then I go. Passing, dribbling, sprinting, dodging people and suddenly I scored. I am so proud of my achievement and I'm glad I gave it a go.

I am poem

I am a jaguar, working hard and fast, trying to race pass things.

I am a brick building, stacking questions on my walls.

I am the leafs on the tree, swinging around and around trying to see the world better.

I am a sour lemon because I go hard on myself.

I am a piece of sushi rice, trying to include other people to come in.

I am a frilly dress, floating in the ear never going to give up.

Ko Sophie ahau

I am Sophie

Sunday, 11 December 2016

Fat Giraffe Girl

Fat Giraffe Girl is bald and so fat.  She's really tall and she walks  high and proud.  She wears dark shady clothes. When she speaks she moves her hands. She's very loud. She's as fat as a giant marshmallow because she has eaten too many pies. Her teeth are like yellow corn. She has little bits of hair sticking out of her bald scalp. Her skin is bright orange. 

She loves doing yoga and gymnastics but she is terrible at both of them. She lives in a really awesome treehouse. She really likes black, she won't wear any other colours except for black because it looks too fruity. She makes delicious food that smells really good and tastes really good. When she's in front of a crowd she starts doing yoga tricks and gymnastics skills. She stuffs her face with food and she slouches on the couch all the time.

She says “Shut up” and “Sure” a lot. She is very loud but really happy. She has a really annoying american voice.
Her skin is the colour of orange juice. She talks to her friends very loudly.

She has two friends and one of them is called Tree Girl (Tiffany) and the other one is called Noodle Girl ( Ella ) . When she's around them she feels comfortable talking and hanging out with them. Her friends describe her as crazy, funny, happy, kind, awesome and cool.  Her home is fresh, peaceful and really fun to play in. She has a really cute toy bunny which she never lets go of.  She really likes the colour black because it's her favourite colour .

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Travis wetland

When I was having a great adventure in Travis Wetland I saw an amazing snail that I have never seen before. It just wowed me because it was really, really, and I mean really slow, and when we picked it up it wasn't that slimy.
We also saw some cute ducklings and I was really surprised because normally little ducklings 
don't come up so close. What I found really cute was that all of the ducklings were running 
towards me and it was like they were having a lot of paparazzi because we were taking lots of photos.
This is me and my friends taking a photo. I was taking a photo with Olive,Kate.S,Kate.C, and Anika.  2.11.16

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Riccarton Bush

,When I was having an adventure in Riccarton bush I saw a really awesome tree that looked like a rope but it wasn't a rope it was a tree. I was really wowed by it because normally trees aren’t twirly or twisty, trees are normally straight and not bendy. I have never in my whole life seen a twirly twisty tree like this.